Two Week Meal Planner (Printed)


Make meal planning easy with this year-long spiral bound meal planner.

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Make meal planning easy with this year-long spiral bound meal planner!

Inside you will find an instruction page that will walk you through the best way to use this book all year and meal plan like a boss! I’ve also included a couple example pages. Other helpful pages instead include: a favorite meal list to list all in one place; a page where you can write new meal ideas; a page to help you plan for big parties or feeding a neighbor; several food inventory sheets that will help you track what’s in your pantry and freezer, have less food waste and allow you to spend less at the grocery store; and then there are over 26 two-week meal planning pages – enough so that you can plan meals for up to a year with one book!

High quality, printed with a colorful cover front and back, black spiral binder and clear cover plastic protectors. It’s meant to be used in the kitchen over and over, spiral bound so you can keep it open to where you are, and blank pages on the back to write notes, recipes, lunch ideas, to dos, etc. I’ve created this book based on what I’ve been using and spared no details. This is the tool you definitely need with you in the kitchen.

By spending about 30 minutes every 2 weeks, you’ll have a complete meal plan and grocery list. You’ll save money – you’ll spend less once you know what’s in your home already and stick to a grocery list you made based on your meal plan. You’ll also save time and all that stress of meal planning because you won’t have to worry about what to cook all day or as dinner time comes wonder what you’re going to feed your family. It’s awesome! We’ve been meal planning two weeks at a time for about 10 years, and it’s a game changer. Check out more ideas and how I use this planner on Instagram @apurposefulhome.

What others have said about it:

“I am a chronic planner that forgets to plan and falls short every time. But for a solid month I’ve worked the plan and it’s great! No more “ugh it’s an hour past and everyone is hungry and I don’t know what to make”. No more throwing random things together to fill bellies. We eat. And we eat well. I send my husband with a list of groceries; we are prepared and ready when the time to cook rolls around. It’s not perfect yet but it’s a world better than a month ago.”

“I’m loving using these meal planning printouts. They’re great because they make it easy to plan for your family’s specific wants and needs.”

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