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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meal Planning?

Meal planning is the act of deciding meals ahead of time based on a few factors: what food is in your home, your budget, seasonal produce, your health needs, the time you have available to make meals, etc. 


Meal Planning solves the never ending question, “What’s for dinner?” and can alleviate stress around dinner time. 


There are many ways to meal plan – but I would suggest trying my two-week system that will save you time, money and set you up for dinner success!

What are the benefits of using a meal planner?

A meal planner helps keep you focused on your meal goals or tasks, helps you stay organized and is something you can reference over and over.


I recommend using a physical notebook that you keep easily visible in the kitchen. It should not only have your meal plan for the next two weeks, but also other helpful lists that help you make meal plans over and over and quickly.


I have created Meal Planning with a Purpose, which is a year long workbook that teaches you to meal plan every two weeks and gives you the flexibility to choose meals that your family would eat.  —> I do have a digital version of the book, but this is best for our international friends and should always be printed and bound together so that you have a better chance of success with the two-week system.

What's better to purchase: the printed or digital planner?

Meal planning works best when you have a physical book to use to work through. It will help as you generate ideas, scribble recipes, look back at past plans, etc.

If you are in the USA, buy the printed meal planner so it’s ready to go for you.

The digital version is best for international when shipping is so expensive. It will be best if you download and then print and bind your meal planner to be able to use it and see success.

Do you offer customizable meal planners?

Currently I only have one version of my two-week at a time meal planner.  While the cover and pages and order don’t change – there are many options within the workbook.


As this is a workbook there are lots of blanks for you to use however fit – for dinners, lunches, breakfasts, just to keep a record of what you’ve eaten, etc. 


I also love to use the blank back side of each paper if I need more room to brainstorm or track other food items.

Will the meal planner work for special dietary needs? How about tracking macros or portion sizes?

Yes this planner will work for any diet. The planner is a workbook that teaches you the two-week at a time system, but then it’s your job to fill it in.  You pick the meals, the recipes, the order, etc – so if you have a special diet you would just want to pick foods and recipes that would work for you.


The planner doesn’t have recipes, it is giving you the system and teaches you how to schedule meals based on meals and recipes your family would normally eat or want to try.


As for tracking macros, you can write recipes on the back side of pages and add macros there, but no, this planner doesn’t offer a designated space to track macros. 

How can I prevent food waste when meal planning?

When meal planning with our two-week workbook, the first step is to assess the food that is in your home and plan meals based on food before it expires. It is helpful to do a “food inventory” to know what’s in your home so you don’t continually buy something you already have. 


Another step would be to get good at using your freezer to prevent food waste. Before food expires and if you don’t plan to use it – freeze it & then add it to a future plan to use later.

Can you share some easy and quick recipes for busy families?

Yes! Walk along side with me as I share more day-to-day on Instagram. I often share recipes and what we’re making in stories.


You can also find recipes HERE on the website. And a recipe book is soon to be in the works!

Do you offer any other tutorials, guides, or courses on meal planning?

Currently no, but I hope to offer something soon.


If this is something you would find valuable, please reach out and let’s chat to see what offerings could be beneficial.

Enjoy two weeks of dinner, already planned!

The Two-Week Plan: 12 meals & a grocery list

Thank you for joining my email list! I can’t wait to spoil you and promise to keep your email address private

Enjoy two weeks of dinner, already planned!

The Two-Week Plan: 12 meals & a grocery list

Thank you for joining my email list! I can’t wait to spoil you and promise to keep your email address private

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