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Summer Bucket List Printable
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Summer Bucket List

You need a summer bucket list, I promise! We do this each season with our family, usually sitting around our dinner table one evening. We have learned from years past, that if we don’t write down fun ideas to do together – that time just goes by and we don’t do much of anything. But …

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Making the Most of Summer

At home with kids for the summer? Need ideas to make your summer great? All it takes is a little planning and a bit of a schedule. I’ve got a few tips to share with you before summer gets here. Summer will be here before we know it, right?! No more school papers, drop offs …


Favorite Blender Salsa

Looking for a fresh, no fuss salsa? We love this blender salsa recipe. It’s quick, uses normal grocery store items – most you may keep in your house or are a quick grocery store pickup. I love a lot about this salsa. It’s not spicy, so my kids enjoy it. It can be made all …


Chicken & Rice

This is a definite family favorite – creamy chicken cooked in the crockpot. Just add rice and done! Or add more toppings for Hawaiian Haystacks, which is a Utah classic. You know I love my crockpot. Easy meals that you can dump and pretty much hours later have a great meal. All you need to …


What I No Longer Pay For

What I No Longer Pay For: A Short List. Making this list was quite fun! Ya’ll know I love saving $$ so this was fun to think about. Some things I’ve done without, or found ways to DIY what I need, I’ve learned to use and re-use things rather than toss or donate, find free …


Pot Roast & Veggies

We call this the perfect Sunday meal – meat, potatoes and veggies simmering all day in a crockpot. It’s easy, delicious and brings all the kids home. Unless you have littles like me, mine are always home, and can always find me – no matter what! But really, it’s the best. Adjust the ingredients for …


Pork Salsa Tacos

If you need more tacos in your life, I mean who doesn’t? This pork salsa taco recipe is a family favorite. It checks all of the boxes of a quick and easy meal made in the crock pot. We love it. Make extra meat and use for leftovers – in a quesadilla for lunch, on …


My Favorite Things

I love hearing about people’s favorite products, books, food, gizmos and gadgets and such… I’m all about saving time from having to research when I know someone loves something so much. The below are some of my very favorites; I could talk on and on about them… These are things that I use or have …