Making a life of love and purpose.


Hi I’m Andrea, and I’m so glad you are here!

I’m a mom of four little kiddos and wife to a dentist! Life is pretty busy and I’m all about simplifying and making everything I do have a purpose for my home and family.  I am passionate about meal planning, budgeting, family goals, and anything that brings joy and meaning.  It’s so fun to share what I’m learning and working on.  Home is what we make of it, so this is our chance to fill it with love and purpose.

I started A Purposeful Home on Instagram because I felt the need to share positivity. And to remind myself of my main purpose and goal as a mom and for my home and family. If I could use a reminder, I bet it could help someone else too! There’s a little bit of everything here; day to day mom-life stuff mixed in with more purposeful stuff. I can’t stop talking about food, goals, making time for what matters, and stuff I’m working on myself.

The most important work we will ever do is within the walls of our own homes. – Harold B. Lee